Ph.D Students and Scientific co-workers

Dr. Dávid Havasi
Dr. Dávid HavasiAssistant Professor
Fluid phase equilibria, thermodynamic modelling
Zoltán Medgyesi
Zoltán MedgyesiPh.D Student
Fluorous chemistry, organic chemistry, and catalysis
Csaba Árvai
Csaba ÁrvaiPh.D Student
Catalysis, reaction kinetics, and statistica
Attila Kondor
Attila KondorMSc in Chemical Engineering, Scientific co-worker
Fluid phase equilibria and modeling

Undergraduate Students

Blanka Ruff
Blanka RuffEnvironmental Engieenr BSc
Fluid phase equilibria
Márton Adámy
Márton AdámyChemical Engineer MSc
Catalysis and organic chemistry
Laura Lőczi
Laura LőcziChemical Engineer BSc
Fluid phase equilibria
Anna Virág Kovács
Anna Virág KovácsEnvironmental Engineer BSc
Catalysis and reaction kinetics