Research Topics

Green Solvents for Advanced Catalysis

Characterization and Application of Novel Reaction Media
Identification of novel biomass-originated sustainable solvents for advanced homogeneous catalysis involving toxicity measurements, reaction optimization, comprehensive kinetic investigations, modelling, and separation issues.

Fluorous Chemistry

Molecular Engineering
      Shrubby Fluorous Chemistry
Design and synthesis of novel multi-branched "shrubby" fluorous phoshine ligands and their applications in homogeneous fluorous biphasic catalysis

Fluid Phase Equilibria Studies

Measurements and Modelling of Vapor-Liquid Equilibria
Experimental measurements and modelling of vapor-liquid equilibria of binary mixtures containing various bioliquids, which have been considered as potential green solvents.

Comparative Reaction Kinetics

Reaction Kinetics and Mechanistic Studies
Comparative reaction kinetic and mechanistic studies of catalytic transformations performed in conventional, fossil-based organic, and alternative solvents.